• Face Brush - Wet

Face Brush - Wet

Iris Hantverk


The wet face brush is the perfect tool for removing makeup, dirt and dead skin cells.

This brush was hand crafted by visually impared artisans. The wood has been shaped and oiled for comfort and the goat hair is ethically sourced and collected.  Animals are not harmed during this process. It was crafted for longevity, so use over and over.

**Avoid sharing brush


Apply a small amount of your facial cleanser on the brush and gently move in circular motions. Be sure to avoid the eyes and mouth area.

** Use on wet skin

** Patch test on your skin before using on your face

** Do not use on skin that's inflamed, irritated or have cystic acne/breakouts


Using a toxicant-free soap, pour some water into the palm of the hand anc carefully circulate the brush. Then, gradually add more water and continue to circulate until the brush is clean. Squeeze gently with a towel. Allow to dry bristles down on a clean surface so water can run out of hair.

You can also sprinkle corn starck onto the bristles and shake off in lieu of wetting the brush.