The IOB Story

At I. O. Beauty Market our mission is to create awareness and education

about the benefits of toxicant-free ingredients. Our passion is in the picking and

curating, and we pick the safest, highest quality products that support women

along their self-care journeys. We do so by partnering with conscientious brands

that also support wellness inside and out.

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Our founder Dixie Lincoln-Nichols, whom we've affectionately dubbed, the chief self-care connoisseur, created her first business, a bath and body product line in 2010. Her SAGE (safe, authentic, gorgeous, eco-friendly) products were featured in Redbook, Essence, Tampa Tribune, InStyle, Natural Health, Huff post and many more.

In 2012, she resigned from her biological science/chemistry teaching career and embarked on a self-care sabbatical and the pursuit of her passion; supporting women to live and enjoy healthier more lives.

While on sabbatical, a visitor from her past re-emerged with a vengeance, acne, and cystic acne at that. In addition to her acne woes, a few of the products from her line - though made with some organic and natural ingredients - were not 100% natural, and 95% was not cutting it.

So as she began to re-examine her inner and outer beauty needs, she simultaneously began to reassess her entrepreneurial goals. Dixie became a health and wellness coach, studying at the school of Integrative Nutrition and later at the London School of Naturopathic Medicine in the UK.

As she deepened and expanded her self-care practice, she made a decision to reset and reinvent, not only her life, but the company, and the principles that governed its existence. As a result, I.O. Beauty Market was born.

It took 5 years of learning, growing and healing. But, patience has been her partner, and a significant part of her process as she learned to fully support herself and other women along their self-care journeys. Dixie understands that beauty is an inside-outside process that includes health and wellness, and what you put in your body is equally as important as what you put on your body.

Our mission is to create awareness, educate our customers about toxic ingredients and provide safer alternatives.

With Love,

The IOBeauty Team