The IOB Story

All women deserve to live their healthiest lives—our mission is to make it enjoyable and equitable. Each of our products is tested for a minimum of 30 days and ultimately hand-selected for their clean, high-quality ingredients. Every product that makes its way onto our shelves is measured against a list of potentially harmful, non-negotiable toxicants so you never have to think twice about what you put on, or in, your body. We’re passionate about creating awareness, educating our customers about harmful ingredients, providing safer alternatives and promoting BIPOC brands. Because all forms of self-care should be equitable and accessible.

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Dixie Lincoln-Nichols, aka I.O. Beauty Market’s chief self-care connoisseur started her career as a biological science and chemistry teacher at the NYC Department of Education.  In 2012, she resigned from her teaching career and had herself an Eat, Pray, Love moment, embarking on a self-care sabbatical in search of her true passion.

Taking a step back was just what she needed, but it wasn’t without two major challenges—the resurgence of acne - and this time, it was cystic - and uterine fibroids. Dixie took a holistic approach to her health and began to re-examine both her inner and outer beauty needs. It was right then and there that she decided to become a health and wellness coach, going on to study at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and later at the London School of Naturopathic Medicine in the U.K. The result of her efforts and work? Clean skin, a system to manage fibroids, and the discovery of her true entrepreneurial goals. The outside only approach just doesn't cut it. Outer care has to be coupled with inner care. It was time to reimagine skincare. And this was information she felt compelled to share.

As she deepened and expanded her self-care practice,  she also discovered marginalized, BIPOC communities were not well educated about the potential risks of toxicants in beauty, wellness, personal care, and household care products. Research shows that Black women, specifically spend upwards of 7 Billion dollars annually and are being marketed the most harmful toxicants in their products.  Dixie knew, without a doubt, that her calling was to help women become the healthiest version of themselves. And just like that, Inside Outer Beauty Market was born.