Brand Submission

Brand Submission

 Thank you for considering a partnership with Inside Outer Beauty Market!


We are always on the lookout for heartfelt, major and emerging brands that are beautifully packaged, and offer safe, conscientious, transparent and effective ingredients. Here at the I.O. Beauty Market, we believe that less is more. Fewer toxins equal a healthier you, and so we pledge to support our customer's inner and outer beauty needs with the best and safest ingredients on the beauty market.




Our Principle Is In Our Promise Of:

Purpose | Purity | Efficacy | Transparency



Submission Process



Our customer's health and wellness are of utmost importance. We ask that you take a look at the list of ingredients that we do not carry, aka our "Forbidden list." If you are confident that our ingredient benchmark and our principles are aligned with yours, do send us an email that includes the products you'll like us to consider carrying and an ingredient list to go along with each product.  You can email us at Find the FORBIDDEN LIST HERE.



Once we've received your list of products for consideration, and we're psyched by what we see. We'll reach out to request full-size samples. Our team will examine the products for quality performance and reliability. If we fall in love with your products, we will contact you to discuss partnership terms.



FYI: We are always actively scouring the market for emerging and effective brands. We may find you and reach out to request a possible partnership. PLEASE do not send samples unless we request them.