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From birth, the model of behavior for women is learned primarily from our beautiful mothers and female elders. As a result, many have been handed a legacy of caring; caring for others and leaving themselves undone. Our grandmothers modeled it for our mothers. Some of our mothers modeled it for us, and in turn, some of us model it for our daughters. But the narrative is changing.

Self-care is the vehicle that can take you to your unique happiness. It can take you from undone to on top of this wonderful world. It can take you from fed up to freedom, from healthy to healthy, from broke to bringing in the big bucks, from fearful to fearless, from confusion to clarity, from passionless to purposeful, from unhappy to blissful, from staycationer to global vacationer, from giving up to giving back.

Yes. The possibilities are endless. It is, in essence, the lack of self-care that inhibits us from living the lives we truly desire. Self-care is not sleazy, stingy nor selfish. It is rewarding enlightening, uplifting, soulful, spiritual, physical, emotional, devotional, transformational, divine, and so much more. 

 Join us for an inspiring day in a safe space as we dive into self-care strategies that are essential for women's health.