• Circulation Mask

Circulation Mask

Labruna Skincare


A mixture of French and Moroccan Clays draw out impurities while stimulating blood flow throughout your skin. Unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega-6 and 7 improve circulation, regenerate and soften skin while Astragalus Root protects against the loss of collagen

Orange Peel Powder, Moroccan and Green French Clays, Sea Buckthorn Fruit, Pomegranate Fruit and Astragalus Root Powders

With a non-metal utensil, mix 1 ½ to 2 spoons of mask with a few drops of warm water to make a smooth paste. Spread evenly over face avoiding eye area. Leave on for a few minutes. Do not allow to dry. If you would like a more intense treatment, remoisturize mask. Wash off with warm water using a washcloth. Slight redness and tingling may occur due to increased circulation