• Palo Santo - 3 - Stick Bundle

Palo Santo - 3 - Stick Bundle

Inside Outer Beauty Market



3-stick bundle
Our Palo Santo (Bersera Graveolens/B. graveolens) is ethically and sustainably sourced in Peru from the natural heartwood of fallen trees, which adheres to strict guidlines.

Palo Santo, which translates to holy wood in English is used to purify spaces of negative, lingering or stagnant energy, which helps to raise vibrational energy and amplify creativity. It can also be used as a mosquito repellent.

* Light the Palo Santo stick
* Let burn for a few seconds
* Blow out the flame
* Move around the area (body or place) you are clearing
* You can say an affirmation while moving around
* You can also use a feather to move the smoke toward your body
* When you're finished place the stick in a fireproof metal/glass tray or an abalone shell.
**sustainably & ethically sourced in Peru